Dry Cleaning & Spot Removal




Our commitment to quality and service shows up on every garment we clean. Using the latest technology along with our decades of experience means that your garments cleaned and finished by Weston Cleaners will last longer and look like new.

Our dry cleaning solvent is kept pure and fresh by distilling it after each load. Moisture levels during the cleaning process are virtually nonexistent and our filtration system is monitored and kept maintained for optimum performance. These components are critical to ensuring that whites and bright colors come out brilliant and fabrics have the feel they should.

Each garment is inspected before cleaning to remove stains and select the proper method of cleaning. Garments are then inspected after cleaning to make sure stains are removed. They are then sent to various pressing stations depending on garment type and fiber make up. Not all pants for example can be pressed the same way. The garment is then inspected again for stains, buttons and general appearance.

Following our proven procedures from garment inspection, stain removal, loading and operating machinery to finished product. Because of this no other cleaner can beat our quality.